Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Within a time of great change for the automotive industry, marked by the transition to a more sustainable future, SPAL plays a key role in fuelling progress thanks to its work in technology innovation and energy efficiency. SPAL's design engineers and technicians are committed to creating custom products tailored to customers' specific needs, while also providing highly innovative, advanced solutions.

However, SPAL's dedication does not stop at the development of high quality products, as the company also embraces a strategic vision that involves the future of the entire industry, which it hopes will have a lasting impact.

Research and development

SPAL has always firmly believed that research and innovation are crucial to its competitiveness, which is why it focuses on constantly building and enhancing its R&D division. The company's investments in research and development have always been guided by high market standards, to ensure every component employed in SPAL products is designed and tested internally; from engines and blades to software and hardware, all components must be guaranteed for all operating conditions. As a result of its continuous attention to research and development activities, SPAL quickly made a name for itself for pioneering solutions that meet customer needs.

Uncompromising performance
and quality

Through many years of experience, enhanced by continuous learning and focus on new knowledge in fields like fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electronics, electromagnetism, and mechanics, SPAL now draws on all its internal technical experience to develop cutting-edge products. For example, the company currently has various fully automated production lines in use that put out millions of high-performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers every year. SPAL has also earned a position at the forefront of the automotive industry by developing solutions designed to offer maximum energy efficiency.

Over 60 years of experience

Founded in the Italian town of Correggio in 1959, SPAL initially specialised in the manufacture of plastic components for engineering. It then went on expanding its business within the automotive industry by introducing design, manufacturing, and marketing activities for axial fans, centrifugal fans, and coolant pumps for high quality cooling, reaching its current position as world leader. Originating from and evolving through the passion and commitment of both the founder and his co-workers, SPAL is now part of a complex, ever-changing global scenario, in which innovation, vision and strategy are the key to staying competitive.

Vertical integration and control

Having achieved a high level of vertical integration, SPAL now has constant control over every stage of the creation of its products. A strategic decision was made to have all processes in-house, including the design of products and equipment (moulds and tools for assembly) and production (moulding, circuit board assembly, brushed and brushless motors, wiring harnesses, fans and coolant pumps). In addition to that, SPAL's certified laboratories also ensure high standards are maintained and specific compliance checks are conducted for each stage of the production process.


Since the 2000s, SPAL has accelerated its global expansion by establishing branches and subsidiaries in 10 countries around the world. As a result, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and customer service have been focused on strategic global regions, in order to prioritise customers' key areas of focus  and support growth in the most promising emerging markets. Today, SPAL is ready to take on the challenges of a global market and the automotive industry, and is committed to developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for its target market.