We always strive for excellence, through quality, innovation, and service. We have built our reputation on these values over the years, positioning SPAL as the ideal partner for designing, producing, and marketing engine and passenger compartment ventilation solutions for all types of vehicles.

Alessandro Spaggiari - CEO Spal Automotive


Company foundation

The company was born in Correggio, Italy, from the minds of its founders Terzino Spaggiari and Alberto Alberti, during a period of strong development and expansion in plastic molding, specializing in the production of plastic components for third parties.


New products development: Axial Fans and Centrifugal Blowers

Area: 100.000 square metres - Covered Area: 10.000 square metres

Starting with an important entrepreneurial intuition, SPAL moves towards the production of electric fans and blowers for the automotive sector. To cope with the steady increase in market demand, it expands its product range and installs its first structured production lines, becoming one of the world's benchmarks in the design and production of electric axial and centrifugal fans for all types of vehicles and applications.


Increasing research and development

Area: 135.000 square metres - Covered Area: 35.000 square metres

SPAL starts in-house production of electric motors used on fans and blowers, gradually winning portions of the market and expanding its product range. Constant evolution and the need to improve production processes lead to the transformation of production lines from manual to semiautomatic in 1999.


Opening new branches

From 2000, SPAL began its global expansion with the opening of several branches, including:

  • SPAL Shanghai CHINA (2001)
  • SPAL USA (2004)
  • SPAL do BRASIL (2005)
  • SPAL INDIA JV Pee Aar Exim (2006)
  • SPAL UK (2008)
  • SPAL RUSSIA (2008)
  • SPAL JAPAN (2011)
  • SPAL KOREA (2012)

50 years of SPAL

In 2009, SPAL celebrates 50th year since its founding.


spal logo 50years


Brushless Axial Fans development

Since 2010, began the production and marketing of axial fans and centrifugal blowers with Brushless/Electronic Intelligent Drive technology.

In 2019, SPAL celebrates the 60th year since its founding. 

logo 60 anni spal


SPAL Automotive Technology India Private Limited Established

In 2021, SPAL acquires full control of the Indian joint venture Pee Aar Exim Private Limited, leading to the establishment of SPAL Automotive Technology India Private Limited, which is dedicated to the production of brushed-engine axial fans and centrifugal blowers for the local market and the marketing of SPAL products in the Indian market.

Opening Changzhou Production Plant

In 2022, to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market, SPAL built a new production plant in China with an area of 23,000 square meters, where SPAL Automotive Technology (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. has started the assembly of Brushless axial fans.


Area 180.000 square metres - Covered Area: 80.000 square metres

Today the corporate area of the headquarter covers 180.000 square meters, confirming SPAL's ongoing commitment to offering innovative solutions for the automotive industry.