In the automotive industry, compliance with energy efficiency requirements and emissions regulations requires increasingly advanced solutions that balance optimal performance with environmental sustainability and innovative technology.

SPAL offers cooling solutions for all kinds of vehicles, meeting all needs and serving global leaders and specialist companies.

The vast range of SPAL products, ideal for both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, include axial fans and centrifugal blowers with brushed and brushless motors and highly efficient coolant pumps, which ensure long-lasting outstanding performance.

With more than sixty years of experience in various kinds of vehicles for the on-highway and off-highway sectors, SPAL has accrued internationally acknowledged technological expertise. Guided by our passion for innovation, we produce cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of each market.


For the car industry, we draw on know-how developed over the years in numerous application fields, such as electronics, mechanics, and fluid dynamics, which enables us to customise products, tailoring them to each customer's technical requirements. We are committed to complying with the increasingly stringent requirements concerning noise reduction and improvement of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). If you are looking for cooling solutions for engines, batteries, or the engine compartment, SPAL is the ideal partner.


SPAL electric fans also offer cutting-edge engineering for motorbikes and ATVs, guaranteeing high performance and reliability, even in harsh environments and under thermal stress. Thanks to the vast range of products we have on catalogue, our customers can find exactly the solution for their needs, speeding up development times and lowering costs. Our technological expertise also enables us to offer solutions that reduce noise levels and guarantee electromagnetic compatibility.



Our electric axial and centrifugal fans are perfectly suited to all applications in this industry, such as engine cooling, drivetrain cooling, BTMS, HVAC, and frontbox cooling. As SPAL products are so adaptable, they can be integrated into the vehicle seamlessly, while the high degree of IP protection offered by the fans and pumps increases the reliability of the systems on which they are installed considerably.


In the industrial vehicle sector, such as trucks and heavy vehicles, the utmost efficiency of cooling devices and air conditioning systems is essential. SPAL provides a complete range of high performance fans and coolant pumps for a variety of applications, including HVAC and IPC (integrated parking cooler) systems, main and auxiliary cooling for electric vehicles (BEV, FCEV, Hybrid).

Our fans ensure efficient, noise-free engine operation, even under high loads. Not only that, they also offer various other important features, such IP68 and IP6K9K protection, outstanding durability, and high efficiency.


SPAL also offers solutions tailored to the cooling needs of farming machinery, guaranteeing thermal efficiency alongside resistance to dust and the mechanical stress to which they are exposed. From engine pre-heating and air conditioning to the creation of pressurised environments in the cab, we offer a vast range of solutions for agricultural and forestry work vehicles through our extensive catalogue of axial and centrifugal fans for heating and air conditioning.


SPAL products for construction equipment stand out for their great efficiency and resilience in extreme conditions, guaranteeing operation even when exposed to high temperatures, high vibrations, dust, and debris. Employing advanced technology, we produce fully sealed motors and electronics with IP68 and IP6K9K protection ratings. This feature, combined with the use of sturdy materials and tailor-made designs, make SPAL products the ideal choice for this industry.


Combining experience and innovative technology, the complete SPAL product portfolio also offers integrated temperature control solutions for mobile refrigeration, enhancing quality and safety along every step of the distribution process. Our wide range of fans means we can meet the diverse needs of the supply chain, from production through to distribution. Energy-efficient technology ensures reliable, economical operation that is environmentally friendly and safeguards perishable supplies whatever the temperature outside.



SPAL fans are ideal for cooling oil radiators in applications where space is tight and there is no air circulation. The fan ensures an outstanding level of cooling and offers high airflow. Durability and advanced efficiency even in harsh conditions are vital to keep temperatures constant and the oil circuit in good working order.


SPAL products for stationary applications - for example storage batteries or wind turbines - are renowned for their high efficiency, durability, and extremely compact design.
As a result of the automated production process featuring a high level of control  - which guarantees high quality and reliability - SPAL products are particularly suitable for stationary applications.



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At present, the automotive industry is focussing on sustainability, digitalisation, electric mobility, and vehicle electrification, all of which bring new challenges. To remain at the forefront, SPAL offers a wide range of product solutions, including high-performance coolant pumps, axial fans, and centrifugal fans, designed to meet the specific needs of ever-evolving industries.

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